Host a House Concert

Thinking about hosting a house concert with Esteban? House concerts are a wonderful way to enjoy family, friends, and live music in the comfort of your home. In today's hustle and bustle world, house concerts with Esteban are a way to take time to smell the roses along the road of life. His soothing and inspirational neo-classical piano pieces are sure to inspire and recharge one's zest for life. 

Whether you have an upright piano or a grand piano, house concerts are as simple or as elegant as you'd like them to be. From a simple cocktail party with hearty hors d'oeuvres to a seated dinner preceding the performance, you can invite as few or a many as you feel comfortable inviting. All it takes is your gracious hospitality, a love of music, and inviting those who are nearest and dearest to your heart.


Esteban plays some of his most memorable pieces, which include a combination of piano solo pieces, piano/cello duets and select readings of poetry he's written that describe the inspiration of the composition by the same name. His warm and engaging style will be sure to leave you and your guests wanting more.  

For more information and/or questions about hosting a house concert, please email Angelica Dull at dull.angelica@gmail.com.

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