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There are many pianists out there who have razzle-dazzle styles, but that’s not where my heart is,” explains musician Esteban Ramirez. “My spirit leads me to music that is romantic, lyrical and passionate.”


Esteban was born and raised in the border town of El Paso, Texas. The youngest of nine children from immigrant parents, he began taking piano lessons at age ten and a year later began composing vocal and instrumental songs. No sooner did his mom notice his talent when she directed his creative energy to becoming the church pianist at their congregation at the age of 11. It was there that he honed his style that to this day characterizes his compositions.


“It wasn’t until my 20s that I started embracing music as my passion in life,” Esteban recounts. “There was always something deep inside of me that said ‘You have to do your music.’ Eventually, in a cosmic kind of way, there was no other choice but to do just that, and I did.”


Esteban's style can best be described as neo-classical piano-based music. He cites composers Chopin and Mozart, and more contemporary musicians like Barry Manilow, as having strongly influenced his music. "Yes, I'm a fanilow! I love his really syrupy lovelorn romantic lyrics and over-done orchestrations. I sobbed the first time I saw him in concert."


Esteban's three albums were published under his own label Descanso Music. In promotion of his releases, Esteban has toured the country coast to coast, from the church halls of Los Angeles to Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall in New York and many places in between.


In addition to Esteban’s musical endeavors, he enjoys writing poetry and is currently employed at a major research university where he raises private funds for research priorities. He resides with his husband in Santa Barbara, California.

"My spirit leads me to music that is romantic, lyrical, and passionate."

                                                             - Esteban