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Unlocking Creativity Through Music, Poetry, and Art

Workshop Overview

Welcome to a journey of creativity and inspiration where music, poetry, and art converge to form a beautiful tapestry of self-expression.


In this 60-minute workshop – designed for children from fourth to sixth grade and young-at-heart adults – participants explore the enchanting world of Esteban Ramirez' neoclassical solo piano music through poetry and art.


In this carefully crafted workshop, participants nurture their creativity, enhance their appreciation of music, poetry, and art, and encourage their self-expression.

Esteban Ramirez' workshop is a unique opportunity for young minds and young-at-heart adults to delve into the world of their own artistry, where the language of music, poetry, and illustration come together to awaken their creativity.


This journey ignites their passion for self-expression, cultivating a lifelong love for the arts, and inspiring them to continue crafting the symphonies of their own creativity.

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Benefits of Esteban's workshop

  • Discovering artistry in music, poetry, and art boosts self-confidence.

  • Creative exploration inspires individuals to tap into their limitless potential.

  • The act of creation brings profound joy and fulfillment.

  • Artistic pursuits lay the groundwork for future accomplishments.

  • This journey nurtures a foundation for lifelong growth and achievement.

For booking and pricing information, please contact Angelica Brunetti at

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