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Esteban's poetry is inspired by his music. For each composition found in his albums, there is a poem by the same name about the visualization and/or inspiration behind the composition. At his concerts, his select poetry readings are delivered with heart and passion prior to playing the piece. His unique artistry gives audiences a richness of context that extends the melodies of his music into a world of verbal inspiration and imagery.

Excerpt from Butterfly Garden

You flutter about  

with your wings outstretch 

taking your time to smell 

the flowers that grow in my garden. 

My blooming coyote mint, 

my crimson columbine, 

my autumn sage and milkweed. 


Like a toddler learning to walk 

you teeter and totter into a world  

of colors and scents and nectar and sun  

with a toothless smile, 

giggling at the sight of flowers  

that await your hugs and kisses. 

Coming Spring 2023!

Esteban will be releasing his first book of poetry for his Serenade to the Moon album. Scheduled for release in spring 2023, his book will be titled Serenade to the Moon - the poetry book.

Excerpts from this collection are shown above. This stylized and illustrated coffee-table book will be the perfect addition to your book collection.


If you love the album, then you'll love this inspiring collection of poetry. Listen to the album while you read the poems - it will be as if you're listening to the album for the very first time. Stay tuned for more details!  


Excerpt from Evening Breeze

                               If I were to visit heaven  


I would listen to the whispers of the ocean 

between each crashing wave 


I would watch asters on sand mounds 

dance with the fading touch of the wind 


I would let the salt water soothe my feet  

and let the sand hug my toes  


I would embrace the evening breeze 

like a good friend visiting from far away

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