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Be a sponsor of my next album: "Running with the Sun"


Dear Friend,


Thank you for visiting my website. I trust you've had a chance to enjoy my music.


I've entered a new chapter in my lifelong passion of creating beautiful music by composing 12 new amazing pieces for my next album: "Running with the Sun." It's an awesome title and one the really captures where I am in my life and music - and the next step is to record it!

I'm really excited because I'm taking my next album to the "next level." What does that mean? Well, it means I'm going to be recording with an orchestra! Pretty exciting, right? But to do this, I need to raise $130,000. So I invite you to consider being a part of this amazing journey as a sponsor of my next album. 

Thanks in part to the belief and generosity of passionate music lovers like you, I was able to successfully release three albums over the years – resulting in my music being experienced through live performances and tens of thousands of digital downloads and streams.

Today, I again reach out to those who see the value of good music and who understand that sometimes good music does not need to be funded by large record labels to be appreciated. Through sponsorships from people just like you, the music of creative and talented musicians is not left to wither and die on the vine, but rather be shared with a global audience of appreciative listeners. 


Check out my Sponsor Benefits page for more details on the sponsorship levels available to you. But if you'd like more information about my project and other ways you can help, please be sure to contact me at In advance, thank you for your consideration!



I've been listening to Esteban's music ever since I heard him play in Santa Ana, California many years ago. His music is so serene and uplifting, and I just love every bit of it. – Elaine

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Thank you to these awesome people who are helping me reach this goal! I wouldn't be able to do this without you. 

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