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To listen to Esteban's music, click on the album cover image or album title. Esteban's music can also be downloaded or streamed through your favorite online music provider, such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify.

FM Cover.jpg

Welcome Home - This uncomplicated, yet graceful piano solo album is elegantly flavored with cello on four tracks.  Esteban’s musings are melodic, tender, and ideal for occasions such as entertaining, dining, reading, and other quiet activities.

SM Cover.jpg

Running with the Sun- The music for the next album has been composed. Learn more about this exciting project and how you can help make Esteban's next album become a reality!  

Fly with Me - With music that ranges from the romantic to the dramatic, this album presents moving ensembles featuring piano with oboe, violin, cello, and strings.  Sprinkled throughout are a few poignant piano solos — a wonderful balance between simplicity and fullness.

WH Cover.jpg

Serenade to the Moon - This album is destined to be a classic.  It brings solo-piano musings that are lyrical, sensitive, and moving — often reflecting tender innocence, yet with definitive substance.  This music will be sure to transport you to a path of romance, reflection, and nostalgia.  You’ll fall in love again…for the very first time.  

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Esteban's music is charming and captivating. His harmonies are unpretentious and direct, with melodies that are heartfelt and refreshingly lyrical as well as visually evocative.

                                             Ludek Drizhal,

                                             Award-winning composer/conductor and music producer

                                             Drizhal Music Productions/Los Angeles

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