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Esteban performs his original neo-classical piano compositions with his cello, flute, violin, and clarinet ensemble. Interspersed with select readings of his original poetry and engaging repartee, audiences will experience a magical evening filled with inspiration, imagination, and passion. 

La Glorieta de Belgrano
Butterfly Garden
Casa Manzanillo
Garden Waltz
Fly with Me
Dinner For Two
SB Concert Pic Empty Stage.jpg

I can't begin to tell you the joy Esteban's music and poems brought to me at his concert!!! It was magical! It touched my heart and soul. For me it was a life -changing experience in music! Thank you Esteban from the bottom of my heart.

                                                                        - Neva

His original music is ideal for many venues, such as community concerts, retreats, conferences, and fundraisers.

For questions or information on having Esteban perform, please email Angelica Brunetti at

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Sample a few of his ensemble arrangements here:

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