Live Performances

Esteban's warm and engaging style mixed with his neo-classical compositions are sure to inspire family and friends.

He welcomes invitations to perform his original work with cello accompaniment at house concerts and other appropriate venues for his music.

As a poetry enthusiast, Esteban also writes poetry. In addition to his music, his concerts include readings from his poetry that reflect the respective inspiration behind the composition of the same name.

Attendees at Esteban's concerts are sure to enjoy an hour of relaxing music, inspiring poetry, and captivating storytelling. 


For questions or information on having Esteban perform at your next occasion, please email him at



July 31, 2021 - United Camps Conference & Retreats

                        Forest Hills, California

                        (private event)


By Esteban Ramirez



Come in, dear friend,

mi casa es su casa.

Hug me with your warmth,

And I you with my arms.


Take a seat, dear friend,

warm the gray cushions of my sofa.

Place your arms on its armrests,

rest your feet on my wooden floor.


Your happiness fills me with joy,

your laughter echoes

through the chambers of my heart.


It’s good to see you, dear friend.


Like a stream, you flow

from the highest of hills,

through and around

the valleys and mountains.


How long has it been?

My newborn eyes,

my skateboard falls,

my father’s funeral?


We have so many memories.

You’re family to me.

Knowing what to say,

knowing exactly how to say it.


A full schedule awaits,

we’ll see friends and family,

a dog or two, gold finches flying high.

They all look forward to seeing you.


Before this night falls,

we’ll say goodbye and make plans

to see each other,


in the morning, dear friend.


I've been listening to Esteban's CDs ever since I heard him play in Santa Ana, California many years ago. His music is so serene and uplifting, and I just love every bit of it. – Elaine